The community relations plan should contain communication strategies established by the sanitation operator; these strategies are focused and promoted in the following projects:


Critical Points

To achieve the recovery of public spaces affected by the inadequate disposal of solid waste, in coordination with different social actors.



Through strategic alliances we join efforts to coordinate and execute activities that involve the community and all stakeholders, contributing to the solution of collective problems generated by the inadequate management of solid waste in public spaces.


Educational Centers

Involve the educational community in the promotion of responsible solid waste management and separation at the source within the framework of the program.



Promote responsible behavior among citizens regarding the integral management of solid waste within the framework of the Zero Garbage program.

proyectos - comerciantes


Develop strategies aimed at improving the sanitation conditions in the commercial sectors of Bosa and Kennedy, promoting the principles of the Zero Garbage program.


Storage and multi-user rooms

Advise on the requirements established for storage rooms, promoting the correct presentation of solid waste and inform on the requirements and procedure for accessing the multi-user tariff option.



Inform pet owners in Bosa and Kennedy about their responsibility in the management of excreta to reduce contamination problems in green areas and public spaces.

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